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Three days to start of Run To Footstock clinic  

Posted by Pete McBreen Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:23:31 GMT

Clinic starts 1st April

Only 5 spots left, so sign up soon to reserve your spot.

Our annual Running Clinic starts in 3 days, intended for runners to get ready for the Footstock 5K and 10K races. Clinic is set up to cater for beginners just off the couch to runners who want to improve their 10K time (sub 80 minutes or sub 40 minutes) – all clinic runs are split by ability into three different pace groups. Focus is on enjoying running and exploring paths and trails all over Cochrane – you are likely to see parts of Cochrane you have never visited before. Signup form for clinic and advertising Poster for the Run To Footstock clinic

Enjoy the weather  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sat, 28 Mar 2015 21:53:42 GMT

Marathon weather

Club Runs week beginning 28-Mar  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sat, 28 Mar 2015 03:45:29 GMT

Saturday 28-Mar, meet 8:30AM at Coffee Traders there is a longer group plus Frank and Danny are still doing their easy run/walk 5K.

Sunday 29-Mar, meet 8:45AM at Coffee Traders another longish group run, tends to be slower pace than Saturday.

Tuesday 31-Mar – Fun Training Group 6:30PM meet at at Tim Hortons on Quarry Street (near Walmart) hoping the weather cooperates with the plan to play on the hills!.

Wednesday 1-Apr 6:30PM at Trailblazers first night of clinic. Clinic run starts at 7:15PM.

Thursday 2-Apr – Fun Training Group 6:30PM at Tim Hortons on Quarry Street (near Walmart) for relaxed speed work outside.

Friday 3-Apr 6:30PM at Tim Hortons on Quarry Street (near Walmart) Clinic run night.

St Paddy's Day race results  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sun, 15 Mar 2015 21:22:17 GMT

Saturday 5.3K Neil 3rd out of 184. Sierra 34th

Sunday 5K Travis Cummings was 5th in 17:49 Malcolm ran 19:36 and was 13th – Malcolm was sick for the last few weeks, so much slower than he would have been otherwise.

Sunday 10K Susanne Mcarthur was 33rd out of 386 with a time of 41:09 just as few seconds behind Ed Bickley.

Pictures to come when someone sends in high resolution versions of the pictures.

Strava heatmap of runs around Cochrane  

Posted by Pete McBreen Fri, 27 Feb 2015 06:20:43 GMT

A heatmap of runs around Cochrane from Strava based on the runs that Strava members have uploaded.

Flotrack video of middle distance training  

Posted by Pete McBreen Wed, 11 Feb 2015 23:47:00 GMT

Nick Willis training in Arizona 4 mile tempo, 6 x 600m, 6 x 200m

A look back at training in the old days  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sun, 01 Feb 2015 21:18:21 GMT

Athletics Weekly article comparing the 60s and 70s vs now.

Masters Mile results  

Posted by Pete McBreen Tue, 20 Jan 2015 01:31:46 GMT

On Sunday, Neil and Pete raced the Masters Mile and wrote up race reports. Full results of the Jack Simpson open include some Masters Relay events and many thanks to Bethan who did the photography that illustrates the race reports.

Results of first indoor track meet  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sun, 07 Dec 2014 23:16:41 GMT

Dino Opener results – PDF

Youtube video of the 3,000m race

Last Chance Half results  

Posted by Pete McBreen Sun, 09 Nov 2014 23:05:22 GMT

A cold and snowy run, but good results in the last chance Half. John Clubb 1:25:35, Neil Hehr 1:42:16, Jeanine Gartner 2:18:33, Kim Consaul 2:23:29 and John Bosma 2:30:08